Arrr! It's a Game.

Arrr! is a board game that I helped develop in the first semester. It's about being a pirate captain yourself and trying to complete tasks to win the game.

Card balancing: number of cards and their reward.

Download-Link: Arrr! It's a Game


In Gemrock you are taking control of Rockhead, a small earthen creature infused with magical life to discover why the ancient energies are about to be corrupted. Discover beautiful glowing caves with thick atmosphere in the underground while you (almost) die and die again. While exploring you will find radiant gems who will give you powerful abilities to go deeper into the caves and unlock your full potential. Maybe you'll also be able to cleanse the devourers corruption?

-Gameplay Programmer: Player Controller and Flocking system.

Download-Link: Gemrock

The Relic

The Relic is a "narrative-driven exploration game"

The 6-person crew of the high-performance submarine 'Naugarda' discovered the sunken city of Atlantis in 1842. Under mysterious circumstances, the main character becomes Jean-Pierre Bardoux Victim of betrayal by the rest of the crew. He finds an artifact that enables him to take any shape. With his newfound skills, he vows to take revenge on his former friends.

-Gameplay Programmer: Player Controller , Conversation Container and Image Container.

Download-Link: The Relic


A rhythm based game that later became the project Rave Cage Carnage.

-Gameplay Programmer: Player Controller. -System Programmer: Rythm Reaction System (a system that reacts to the beat of the implemented music).

Toybox Trouble

Toybox Trouble is one of my first attempts at multiplayer in which the Players compete against each other in a series of mini-games to win as many titles as possible!

-Gameplay Programmer: Player Controller for the different games. -System Programmer: implementing the multiplayer for the different games.

Download-Link: Toybox Trouble
Play on the Website: Toybox Trouble