Maximum Bash.

Maximum Bash is a project that creates a complete map by random generation. It's a Bullet Hell Game with a SciFi theme, in which you destroy enemies that are getting stronger and stronger, collect points and look for the exit to the next level.

-Gameplay Programmierer: Enemy K.I., door system.

-System Designer: Designed a possibility so that artists have a way to create certain patterns to be found in the map and to be exchanged by others and to eliminate errors, database query to strengthen opponents for higher levels.

-Tools: Kernel program developed and implemented so that it is easier for artist and for designers to create and save patterns by drawing (no programming knowledge required, is saved in a CSV).

-System: An online database is created and a possibility is programmed so that this is also queried.

Download Link: Maximum Bash

Repository: Maximum Bash

Play on the Website: Maximum Bash