Tower Base Defender.

This bachelor project is a game in which an AI was implemented which was trained via machine learning. The A.I. ​​has received restrictions as they can also be found physically in humans. If you start the game you will either assigned to another player or the A.I. ​​and must try to destroy the enemy base. When the game ends you will be asked if you think you have competed against a human or an AI. The answer will be sent to me anonymously and for the purpose of analysis.

Instructions: After the game has started, you have the option of building towers for defense by building on a building site or send units to the enemy base by clicking on the Unit button.
After the timer has expired, you receive money in the amount of your income (currently 100) which can be increased by building units.
The player who can bring the enemy base first to 0 wins.
With w,s,a and d you can move the Camera.
With escape you can give up.
Have fun.
Play on the Website: Tower Base Defender